Hi, I’m Matt Cole Wilson. I do graphic design in Kansas City. This is where I post some of my work and attempt to write about design. If you want more from me, I’m also pretty active on Dribbble and Twitter.


I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Minor in Graphic Arts in 2010 and have been working in the design field since. See more on my LinkedIn profile.


I currently have a full-time gig, but am always interested in collaborating or helping with an interesting project. Want to work something together? Let’s talk. 🌚 OPEN LATE

The Longer, Third-Person Version

Born to proud parents in 1988, Matt Cole Wilson was raised in the mosquito-infested flatlands of northeast Arkansas. After graduating high school, he moved to the magnificent Midwest to learn how to become a better communicator, marketer, and (most importantly) a graphic designer.

After four-and-a-half long years, he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications (with a minor in Graphic Arts) and was offered his first full-time gig in the marketing industry. Earls Family Broadcasting—a radio conglomerate in Branson, Missouri—employed him for three mutually-beneficial years. It was here where he first received a regular paycheck for arranging graphics and text on a page. He also dabbled in social media, website management, and several rebranding projects.

Once Branson’s limited charm wore off, Matt and his wife decided to put down their roots and take up permanent residence on the outskirts of Kansas City. In 2013, an employee-owned company called NCM Associates welcomed him with open arms as their Marketing Coordinator. Over the years, he ascended the ranks and took the prestigious title of Lead Designer. Through NCM’s relationships, he’s had the pleasure of designing materials for such distinguished clients as Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, Kia, and Audi.

In early 2018 he resigned from NCM to join the fast-growing Spring Venture Group as their first full-time graphic designer. When he’s not at his day job, Matt spends the majority of his free time doing graphic design for freelance clients, such as viewers like you. When he needs a break, you can find him spending quality time with his wife, reading horror novels, or playing retro video games.