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BLACKLIST – Famicase 2023

Another year, another Famicase entry! This is my second time participating in the most exciting graphic design event of the year. This time I went with a Hitman-inspired stealth/action game. BLACKLIST: You’ve been given a list of names. Your job will be done when all the names are crossed out.

The loose idea is that you are an assassin for some sort of mysterious agency. As you work your way through the list of names you've been given, you discover that the final name on the list is your own. A big, shocking twist! If you can't trust the people hiring you to kill, who can you trust? Will you survive this lethal world of assassination or will you be crossed out?

I also worked up designs for a box and manual. The mockup above is based on Brent Ashe's render of his 2018 Famicase entry. And the main Famicom cartridge mockup was created by Noah Jacobus. Both linked in the Special Thanks section.

The design of the BLACKLIST logo started out as a riff on the Designers Republic work on the 1998 game Hardwar. (Long live 45° angles.) Once I ended up with the line through the type, everything else fell into place.

I'd also like to thank Bao T. Nguyen for serving as a massive inspiration for this overall design, especially his "Ammo" project. Linked in the Inspiration section.

Photos from METEOR.

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Special Thanks

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Blacklist × AGBIC

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