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Globlin — A Free Logotype

This font was inspired by and old Fontomas release ↗. I love the blobby, lava-lamp-esque shape of that font. But it seems to have been lost to time. So, I set out to create something similar. My version was created using a set of three circular shapes: one big, one small, and one sheared 25° to create angles. These shapes were then moved around a grid and rotated to create letterforms.

At initial release, it includes lowercase A-Z in two weights. I'd like to eventually add numbers and punctuation. Feel free to take this idea and further iterate! I've included an Illustrator file in the download that contains a simple tutorial for creating letterforms.

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Via Google Drive ↗

Font Details

Released: July 2023
Weights: Regular and Light
Contains: A-Z Only

Usage Rights

This is a free font.
Commercial use is allowed.
Attribution is not required.