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Item Render

I've been learning how to make low-poly 3D models in my spare time. I'm going for the PS1 aesthetic (or something in that ballpark). High dithering, vertex wobble — the whole nine yards. I'm using Blender and Photoshop to make these and almost everything I know, I've learned from The Sickly Wizard on YouTube.

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Project Core Values

Low-Res ✦ Low-Poly ✦ Low-Brow

Social Media Links

01. Item Render on Tumblr ↗
02. Item Render on Twitter ↗
03. Showreel on YouTube ↗
04. Sketchfab Profile ↗


01. Blender is free! ↗
02. TheSicklyWizard Tutorials ↗
03. PlayStation Analysis ↗

Notes on these graphics

01. Identify the CDs for bonus points.
02. Taco Bell is the best fast food.
03. I don't smoke, but cigs look cool.
04. The stairs are from Twin Peaks ↗.