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This is a list of notable updates to the site. Some dates may be approximate. Try not to worry about it.

2023.09.13 Wednesday

Replaced Globlin on the More page with a link to Skeleton with a Skateboard.

2023.07.15 Saturday

Added Globlin (a new logotype) to the Home, More, and Resources pages.

2023.07.04 Tuesday

Added Boba Mono (new font) to the Home, More, and Resources pages.

2023.06.27 Tuesday

Added a blurb about my new PS1 UI appreciation blog on the More page.

2023.04.28 Tuesday

Added my Famicase 2023 entry! Updated the Home and More pages accordingly. Also added a graphic to the Y2K page.

2023.04.25 Tuesday

Added a bit about Famiclub and updated the project navigation on the More page.

2023.04.10 Monday

Did a little cleanup and have unlinked the blog. I've decided to further separate personal and design stuff a bit more. For now.

2023.04.04 Tuesday

Just learned that the Yesterweb Web Ring has been shut down. Makes sense, but RIP. Removed the widget.

2023.03.28 Tuesday

Miscellaneous housekeeping.

2023.02.12 Sunday

Added a page for Magic Needles Magic Knife.

2023.01.26 Thursday

Created a new (secondary?) home page that features a grid of projects. Hopefully this better showcases my work at a glance, while still allowing for a deeper dive.

2023.01.21 Saturday

Added an image to the Y2K project. Also added a link to a Behance project.

2023.01.17 Tuesday

Added an unlisted project. Tinkering around.

2022.12.26 Monday

Reworked the homepage to better showcase recent stuff. Added a few more projects.

2022.12.25 Sunday

Christmas update! Added a Calendar page and updated a couple of links.

2022.12.16 Saturday

Added the Recycle Bin page.

2022.12.10 Saturday

Added another blog post and did a little cleanup.

2022.12.08 Thursday

Added a links page.

2022.12.04 Sunday

Added a new blog post.

2022.12.03 Saturday

Created an Atom (RSS) feed for the blog.

2022.11.30 Wednesday

Added a guestbook link and fixed a typo or two.

2022.11.28 Monday

I'm now a member of the Yesterweb.org webring. Added the widget to the homepage.

2022.11.27 Sunday

Added a status.cafe widget to the homepage and blog. Added a wishlist to the this page.

2022.11.26 Saturday

Launched a new version of my website, heavily inspired by dom's website ↗. (Ripped off with with permission. Thanks much, Dom!)

Website Wishlist

Here are a few things I'd like to eventually add to my site:

Living for Free on the Information Superhighway

This site was coded using Brackets, an open source text editor, and is hosted for free on GitHub Pages. At the time of writing (and based on my limited knowledge), this is the cheapest way to have a website. The only thing I pay for is the domain, which is the standard $12/year (arguably an optional expense).

I'm mentioning this because the leading site builder charges individual users nearly $200/year to have a website. Obviously, they offer templates and tools that make building a site much easier, but the high cost is a huge barrier to entry. In addition, you would also be relying on the whims of a multi-million dollar corporation and letting them harvest data from your site visitors. This is not a good transaction, especially for regular people who just want to have a website.

I mean no disrespect to my fellow internet residents. You do what's best for you! Maybe the trade off is worth it to some people. Or maybe not everyone cares about this stuff. But I can't help feeling strange when I go to a regular person's website and I'm required to click "accept" on an agreement to have my data harvested — just to read some text and look at some images. I don't think this sort of thing should be normalized, personally.

All this to say, there is a better way! To be clear, I'm not saying I have it all figured out. (Probably worth noting here that GitHub is not free from sin.) And I'm not saying it's exactly easy to stand up a website. But learning some basic HTML and CSS can get you a very long way, especially if you simply want to share your thoughts and art or otherwise express yourself.

This isn't exaclty a manifesto, but I'm strongly in favor of a return to the independent web. I would love to visit websites that were made by human beings instead of corporations and algorithms. If that's something you're interested in, I've listed a few resources that have helped me along the way.

Posted: 2022.11.26 ✦

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