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Here's a rundown of the recent stuff I've been making, along with a more expansive navigation menu. Thanks for looking!

I made a game! It's a 1-bit platformer for the Game Boy. Play it here ↗.

I recently launched a Tumblr blog to showcase and celebrate the UI design of PlayStation 1 games. Check it out ↗!

Just dropped a new rounded-pixel font. Check it out!

My friend, Will, just launched a new forum dedicated to graphic design and video games. This is a little promo graphic I made, inspired by Burnout 3: Takedown. Come hang out ↗!

Happy Famicase 2023! My entry for this year's exhibit is called "BLACKLIST." Check it out!

I designed a book cover! Check it out and buy a copy.

I'm learning how to make metalheart type stuff. See more on Tumblr ↗.

Ghost Cab now has a soundtrack by Bibiki García! Read more.

Coming soon: Kilby is getting updates in 2023. 𓏗𓏗

Making some posters. Follow along on Tumblr ↗.

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04. Changelog


01. Various Logos
02. BLACKLIST — Famicase 2023
03. Ghost Cab — Famicase 2022
04. Magic Needles Magic Knife
05. Jet Moto Level Logos
06. ULNA Logo & Branding
07. Ephemera Zine
08. Y2K Aesthetic
09. Branding for NCM ↗
10. Showreel on Youtube ↗


01. Geizer: free font
02. Kilby: free font
03. Globlin: free logotype
04. Hypik: free logotype
05. Boba Mono: free font
06. Ecko: free logotype
07. Acid Icons: icon pack
08. VHS Stickers: icon pack

Other Stuff

01. Item Render
02. Last-Words.Club ↗
03. Famiclub ↗
04. PSXUI ↗
05. Disc-Content ↗

Current Status

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Last updated: 2023.09.13