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Hi! My name is Matt Cole Wilson (he/him) and I do graphic design. I live and work in Kansas City and am currently available for small freelance projects. I’m also interested in doing pro-bono work for non-profit organizations, causes, and other cool, non-commercial projects. Want to work together? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

You can reach me via email or on social media.


Specialties ----- layout, logo design, typography
Experience ------ bachelor’s degree, 10+ years on-the-job
Likes ----------- video games, horror novels, pancakes
Dislikes -------- cold weather, litter, fascists
Fav Designers --- froyo tam, draplin, müller-brockmann
Fav Logos ------- target, black flag, NASA (1975)
Fav Music ------- tom waits, yeah yeah yeahs, modest mouse
Fav Movies ------ eternal sunshine, big lebowski, mandy
Fav TV ---------- wwdits, stargate sg-1, twin peaks
Other ----------- jogging, horror movies, other stuff



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This site was designed and coded by me, a total newb when it comes to coding. But it looks pretty good and contains no analytics, tracking, cookies, or other data gathering tools. This was done for three reasons:

1) It’s cost effective. The site is hosted on GitHub for free, so the only thing I pay for is the custom domain. Neat!

2) It’s an attempt to embody the DIY spirit instead of relying on corporations and existing templates.

3) It provides a private experience for my site visitors. There’s no reason for me or a site builder to be collecting data about you! It’s a rare and refreshing experience to visit a new website that doesn’t ask you to accept their cookie policy, and I wanted to provide that.

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