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This is a Now Page. A concept seemingly invented by Derek Sivers that's meant to showcase what you're doing right now. Kinda self-explanatory, but a neat idea! I will update this page when I feel like it, but hopefully pretty often.

2024.04.13 – Saturday


Not much to report. Still tinkering with book cover ideas for Ponder's next book. Still considering a site redesign. Kicking around a few other ideas here and there, but nothing worth mentioning. I did just get Bryce 3D (the old 3D software for making landscapes and orbs and what not). It’s neat! Expect to see some cheesy (but extremely rad) renders soon.


Big fan of this warmer weather. Did some walking and biking and stuff recently. Generally stoked about where we live. A nice little town, with trails near the house, and free bicycle rentals. Good stuff all around. Also having a great time at the day job. ALSO just got tickets to see Modest Mouse, The Pixies, and Cat Power in a couple months. Having a nice Spring, I guess you could say!


Finished Cyberpunk 2077 a couple weeks ago. Had a good time overall! Kind of in-between games right now, but I have been playing Ultimate NES Remix on the 2DS a bit. I honestly need to make more time for video games. I’ve been wasting too many evenings looking at the internet and doing nothing. I can feel my gamer street cred fading away… (lol)


Started The Dreamer in Fire by Sam Gafford. Only two stories in, but it hasn’t clicked for me, yet. Feels a little cheesy, but maybe it’ll get better. (It’s also made me want to revisit Thomas Ligotti. That sort of pessimism is more my speed. If you’re gonna do cosmic horror, you gotta be way more negative. No lighthearted punchlines at the end of your stories, imo!) Also still reading Herding Tigers for the day job. (One chapter per week.)


Hopping around the NIN discography. Lately spent the most time with The Slip and Bad Witch. (Saw an interview where Trent referred to The Slip as their garage rock album and that made it click for me!) Also digging Brat’s debut album Social Grace. Big sounds, high kicks.


Haven’t watched any movies lately. Although, I’ve recently had the urge to revisit Being John Malkovich. We’re still doing the rewatch of the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show. I really like it, but it’d be tough to recommend. The ratio of hits to misses is different than it was in memory. (But definitely listen to the podcast.)


Pistachio muffins, chai lattes, open windows, dogwood trees, and the Pod Mortem podcast.

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