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I don't like the idea of my website being a dead end. If you're ready to move on, here are a bunch of different places you could go from here. Let me know if you stumble across a broken link. Always under construction. The internet is ephemeral.

Last updated: 2024.03.22

The Best of the Internet

Legendary art exhibit combining graphic design and videogames.
A vital and valuable resource for exploring the recent past.

The Creative Independent
Interviews with artists of all types about creativity.

Consumer Aesthetics Research Institute
Categorization of commercial visual movements.

Low Tech Magazine
A solar-powered website about low-tech solutions to problems.
Neat personal projects from a legend of the independent web.

Kimimi the Game Eating She-Monster
Wonderful articles about various video games.

Devils Blush
A fansite dedicated to the aesthetic appreciation of video games.

Explore various video game worlds in your browser.

The nicest-looking retro video game shop on the internet.

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"I do not give a flying FUCK about Fonts... Weirdo shit."
- Ice T


"Design is more or less just helping Capitalism get dressed every morning."
- Kyle Letendre

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"We're all strapped to a wheel rolling downhill. Sometimes it's crushing us, and sometimes it's lifting us up into the sun. Today is one of the sun days. But the wheel doesn't stop turning, and it's always headed down."
- Will Hughes

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